1. Burnt Out


I have never felt as warm as I did, when you touched me, gave me goosebumps, from head to toe
But a love made of matches was destined to burn out, and end up in ashes and smoke
Still, embers remained and I tried to reignite them, ended up playing with fire again
You pushed me away, but I fought, and I stayed but maybe I should have listened

Because you’re right, I couldn’t fix you, you’re right, I shouldn’t have tried to
Your pride is what you’re concerned about? Is “You’re right” really all you wanna hear right now?
Well, you’re right, I should’ve walked away faster, should’ve known you’d only break my heart after
I was already in love? You’re right, you aren’t good enough
I kissed your scars even after you hurt me, and I held your hand even when you fucking burned me
Do you know how embarrassing that was? To stay with somebody who hates you because, you hope things get better
You hope that love can, turn a monster into a man, but it doesn’t and it won’t
Because you’re beyond repair, but there is still someone for me somewhere, who will treat me so nice, you’ll wish that you did
For someone so smart you’re so fucking stupid, to think that I’m really that dumb, I love you- but I’m done
Pretending this was gonna work, Pretending loving you didn’t hurt, pretending that it doesn’t burn when you think you’re always right
Cause you’re still stuck on your past, you hate him so much but you’re just like your dad
You smother every light that I ever had, by holding on too tight

And it’s suffocating and I’m longing to breathe again, and in the middle of it all, I ended up losing who I am
And I know that you tried, gave it all that you had, and being a monster doesn’t necessarily make you bad
But even if we could staple it back together now, we both know that you can’t light a fire that’s already burnt out