1. (redacted)


(I don’t know, I’ve never written a song where someone’s name was the title or was part o the lyrics, so I’ll probably just change the lyrics to be hums where their name is and call it something stupid and self-aware like (Redacted).)

I don’t wanna try to love you for the sake of my own self-discovery
I am well aware that would be cruel
I don’t wanna take advantage of the feelings you have for me
Especially not when, I don’t know what it is I feel for you

I mean, I know that I love being your friend
So much so, it makes me question if I might want a little bit more
But I won’t turn you into an experiment
just so I can be completely sure

So, hm, I’m so sorry but I think I should go
Hm, it just wouldn’t be fair to you, you know

Do I like you or do I just hate being alone?

I don’t wanna give you false hope, or entertain something that’s never gonna come true
I would never try to lead you on
But I don’t wanna figure out who I am, through figuring out if I like you
So, I think it might be best if we just stopped

But I really love being your friend, and selfish but at the end of this, I hope that you’ll still let me be
Because even if you were a willing participant if I experimented, I’d never want your heartache to be because of me

So, hm, I’m so sorry but I think I need to go
Hm, it isn’t fair to you that I don’t know
If I like you or if I just hate being alone

I’m not leaving because I don’t care I have to go because the idea of being in love with you makes me so scared
And I don’t know who I am anymore, but I know that I never even questioned it before I met…

So, hm, I’m so sorry that I have to go
Hm, you’d be a casualty of my curiosity so…
I think it’s best, if we never know
If I like you or if I just hate being alone
And yet, I’m alone